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Dear Jane Fonda
By Mike Smith | Published  02/12/2006 | Vietnam | Rating:
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Served Active Duty 1969-1972. 

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Dear Jane Fonda
Dear Jane

Just a few thoughts in passing:

As a Christian, will you still, today, proudly stand up and tell the world that, not only are you a Socialist, but that..."you would pray on your knees, that we would someday become Communist"? If not, why?

You established that U.S. servicemen are war criminals. Was Henry Fonda a war criminal? Was John Kennedy?

By his own testimony, John Kerry participated in war crimes and atrocities. Why did you give him and his supporters millions of dollars during the presidential campaign?

My friend, stationed in a CAP unit less than 2 miles from mine, found a tunnel which contained boxes of clothing, supplies, and cash. It was addressed to the Communist Freedom Fighters, and came from their supporters at U.C. Berkley. There were 50,000 U.S. dollars in cash in the box. Did any of that money come from you?

As a Communist, when will you turn over to your government all your millions of dollars, your real estate, your cars, your houses, and your bison? Think of how a little peasant girl would press her cheek to yours if only she had her very own bison.

The Communist Freedom Fighters with whom you share solidarity committed public gang rapes, beheadings, arsons, and mutilations, much in the same manner as Al Qaeda. Do you consider Al Qaeda and the Taliban to be Freedom Fighters, too? Do you give them money? Do you support their cause? It is, after all, just a civil war. Will you make any statements on Al Jazeera?

Will you establish FTA coffee houses close to military bases and encourage current servicemen and women to desert the military like you did during Vietnam? Will you encourage them to murder their officers?

Will you meet with the leaders of the current terrorist Freedom Fighters to encourage them to continue fighting while you subvert the efforts of The United States?

Will you refer to the current active duty servicemen and women as war criminals, hypocrites, and liars?

Will you encourage losers and wanna-be-heroes who have never been in the military to testify about atrocities they "witnessed"? How about wanna-be-heroes who actually were in the theater of operations, even if only briefly?

Will you make a trip to Iraq to have your picture taken with the enemy? Will you later regret having that picture taken?

Before the beginning of World War II, the Japanese invaded China and Korea and committed the same atrocities as your Freedom Fighters. Did you support the Rape of Nanking China?

Will you give financial support to any groups of subversives who plan to assassinate U.S. Congressmen?

Why do you think Vietnam veterans feel about you the way they do?

You contributed to the Communist victory in South Vietnam. Why do you choose not to live in the Communist paradise you helped to create?

Do you still believe that "the Viet Cong are the conscience of the world"?

We are aware that, because of tin soldiers and Nixon, there are 4 dead in Ohio. Can you tell me how many were dead in Duc Duc? How many were kidnapped in Dai Loc?

Do you plan to name any children after Osama Bin Laden?

I will never forget nor forgive. I want you to understand what you did. The Freedom Fighters you supported raided small villages and stole all of the food from the farmers. They forced the farmers to watch the public gang rape of their wives and daughters before murdering the entire family. They burned the villages. They cut off the right hand of every man, woman, and child in villages. They used innocent people, women and children, as shields when they ambushed U.S. forces.

I want you to lay in bed, sleepless, listening to the screams of 8-year-old girls being raped to death. I want you to hear the tortured sobs of their mothers and fathers as they were forced to watch. I want you to see the glow in the distant night sky as their homes, their possessions, and their lives are burned. I want you to see the little boy walking around a village with a stump where his hand used to be. I want you to see the constant fear in his eyes after watching the murder of his family by your Freedom Fighters.

I want you to understand that your financial, political, and moral support is what gave these terrorists the will to continue their tactics, even after they were beaten militarily.
I want you to understand that the men who tried to stop these murders, rapists, and terrorists are the men you call war criminals. I want you to understand that, because you successfully convinced a group of mental midgets in the United States that the Communists were heroes, there were thousands more citizens of Cambodia who were raped, tortured, and murdered.

I want you to understand that I realize your refusal to prosecute me was not a humanitarian gesture. If you had prosecuted me, you would have been forced to testify in court, under oath, about your treasonous acts.

I want you to understand that when I spit in your face, you got off easy. You deserve much worse!
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  • Comment #1 (Posted by Barry Watkins)
    Mike, I applaud you for spitting in the face of this treasonous hypocrite. Many veterans feel the same way you do. It was reported that after you spit on her, you ran. Is this true? Hindsight being 20-20, as usual, you should have stood in front of her and let her or her security unit react. That would have created a situation that the police would have had to intervene. You would have had her by the short hairs. Thanks for keeping this story alive. Semper FI !!
  • Comment #2 (Posted by Glenn Perry)
    Mike, I like you, I like you alot. But on some level this is hurting you more than it has too. I am aware of the damage done to all of us because of that war. If all had been the same and Nam had happened in 45, I beleave it would have been over with in two years. That is not the hand we were delt. It is over, and we won! Forget Fonda, take care of yourself and your family!
    Semper Fi, Glenn
  • Comment #3 (Posted by Noe Ontiveros)
    As a Marine who served in Viet Nam I would like to say that Ms Fonda as an American Citizen has the right to state her view in our free society. Also she has to pay the consequences for her actions. She can say she's sorry for what she did and make excuses for it but she has to remember many young men lost their lifes for her right to say what she wants. The fact that is I suffer 13 months in combat and saw some of my closes friends died, I will never forgive her for being a traitor to a country that made her rich financially but by her actions a person with black soul, may the devil treat her in the manner she deserves. Semper Fi
  • Comment #4 (Posted by Attila)
    It was about very time for somebody to write an Article like this. Miss Fonda stole the Courage and Heart of almost every Soldier who served in Vietnam with her behavior. In times they would have needed her unconditional support and care, she did nothing else then betray and backstabb them. But no worry guys, she will have to answer for these things oneday.
  • Comment #5 (Posted by LTC Stephen McNamara (USA Ret'd))
    Couldn't have said it bettermyself. As a Viet vet, I witnessed the damage Ms. Fonda created. Horse whipping in the town square was outlawed prematurly.
  • Comment #6 (Posted by John Comer)

    I have a hard time understanding at times how much I also hate what this woman did. I recently read that she was being considered or was nominated for woman of the century or something of this nature. Again, the bile just came to the surface. My wife has a hard time understanding why I can never forgive this woman for the American deaths and misery she caused. Some say that it is time to forgive and forget. I have forgiven the protestors, almost forgiven some of the politicians but, never will I forgive Fonda. I imagine she has put out some good movies since that time (so I have heard) but, I have never seen one of them. anyway, Welcome Home Mike!
  • Comment #7 (Posted by Bill Weiler)
    Had "she" taken you to court, Mike, she'd have continued with her lies, you'd then be the BadGuy, and nothing would be accomplished except to dwindle whatever money you might have saved.
    Thanks for sharing your feelings.
    Semper Fi...Bill
  • Comment #8 (Posted by Gary Abshire)
    You my brother in arms,are dead on.Why is it these people get a free pass? How do we as a country still run to the theaters to watch the slime they call acting? I for one agree with you, spitting in her face may not change anything, but boy would it feel good.Semper Fi, a loyal, god fearing countryman.
  • Comment #9 (Posted by GySgt Donald B. Primrose Retired)
    Jane Fonda is the best Communist in the world. She keeps all her property while telling others too share.
    She should have been exacuted for her treason.
    I will never forgive her for what happened too me at LAX on arrival from VietNam. When she comes on the TV I change the chanel. I haven't seen or heard her since 1966 and hope I never do unless she is being executed for her treason, then I won't a front row seat.

    Semper Fi
  • Comment #10 (Posted by Chuck Ross -- Vietnam Veteran)
    I would be happy to provide my real feeling about Jane Fonda herein, but I promised my mother I would not use that kind of language.

    Great letter... Keep up the pressure.
  • Comment #11 (Posted by Dave)
    Why did our country let Jane Fonda get away with her behavior during the Viet Nam war? Even if the country was against the war, he actions and statements go way beyond "protest". I really find it shocking that she wasn't ajudicated for these actions and statements. I don't agree with spitting on her, but I understand the intense emotions behind the act.
  • Comment #12 (Posted by bill moede)
    thanks mike for printing this seams that i almost forget it then i seen a photo. of her in leatherneck setting in the 106 gun mount with the commes.boy it hit me hard. all two years in ten seconds . 68 - 69 and none of it was good .
    vetnam vet. bill moede U.S.M.C. ret. SemperFi 3/3
  • Comment #13 (Posted by lindsey)
    I can't wait for the opportunity to show this terrorist sympathizers! It's too bad we can't expect a response from Ms. Fonda-how great it would be to hear her answers to these well-formed questions...
  • Comment #14 (Posted by Sgt. Robert Jaurigue)
    as a marine who served in Viet nam in 1965,1966, 1968
    wounded, I did'nt care what lies were said on either side of the war and I do not now, Lies are killing our Marines now and the 50.000 who died in the Nam then do not give a damn of who said what!they are dead!
  • Comment #15 (Posted by Michael Hoskins)
    Hey Mike:

    Always in this country the politcally correct, those with a "large mouth" and a bank account to match walk over the rights and freedoms of others whose sacrifices are the cement of our freedom. Mike, Jane Fonda will never escape what she did, her "mouth" sealed her place in history; where will you end up bro? Move on to the better things life has for you, you made your statement and point; now is the time to find a better cause than the treasonous Jane Fonda.
  • Comment #16 (Posted by Richard J. KANE)
    As former Marine and having been in law enforcement for over 27 yrs. I am constantly amazed by the lack of integrity, morals and ethics of our current generation. It started with people like jane fonda, its alright for me to court the communists, I'm doing this to right the wrongs in this country. She has millions but she'll always have millions. The problems are still here. We have the oil companies raping the public and our current administration does nothing, other than reap the profits. Outsourcing jobs to third world countries and paying pennies and no benefits, but still charging outrageous prices for cheaply made products. Taking personal responsibility is unheard of, lie and it'll go away. I believe it was hitler who said, "tell a lie often enough and the people will believe it." It starts at the top and filters down, state and county and local officials all take no responsibility for their actions, congressman beating their mistresses, taking millions in bribes, lobbyist greasing the palms of some of the most influential people in our government. I guess it's OK to do if when you're caught you give the money to charity. Denying that you know a person, even when photos show otherwise. God help us, we are on a very slippery slope right now and the problems are getting worse every day. A Supreme Court that is legislating from the bench. I'm still trying to figure out what religion we are establishing by having one nation under God in the pledge of allegiance. Or the Ten Commandments displayed in a Court House. When I was in the Corps, gays and lesbians were dishonorably discharged, now we have "Don't ask, Don't tell". Another fine mess we've gotten into. An end in site, I don't thing so. Not too many are outraged by what's going on, it dosen't directly involve them so they leave it alone.
  • Comment #17 (Posted by terry shafter)
    mike semper fi jane fonda??she should have been shot!!! i was in the corp.79 85.when i was younger i uses to watch her movies. man i said she sure is fine!! as i got older and went in the corp,i found out what she did to the angry!!!im proud to be an american fighting man like yourself.i was in iraq.15 i listen to these liberals on why we shouldnt be there.i dont wa nt to hear that.i do my job.i sick of these wanna be,s!! people ask me do i think irak is like the nam.i cant answer that truthfully, because i haven,t been to the nam.i know i was called to go and i went.if the tell me to go again?? id go now they are trying people for war crimes long before the nam.i think she should get something out of the deal!! im sorry just dont cut it!! semper fi....
  • Comment #18 (Posted by
    I am just glad she never came around me. She would of got more then a spat in the face.
  • Comment #19 (Posted by Roy Parr)
    Thanks for saying this for all who served.
  • Comment #20 (Posted by Jim)
    You'll never see this article printed in the New York Times. Semper Fi Mike.
  • Comment #21 (Posted by Patricia Rowell)
    Thank you so much for giving "Hanoi Jane" a little taste of what so many Vietnam vets got when they came home.
    She is still the same seditious, treasonous, publicity whore now that she was back then, and saying "I'm sorry" just isn't good enough.
  • Comment #22 (Posted by Aaron Nelson)
    Hey Jane, pardon my ill words, go back to the commie hell you helped create. I know it might not be my place to say this but IF YOU WEREN'T THERE, SHUT UP!
  • Comment #23 (Posted by Mike Scheff)
    Just like the bumper sticker says "Vietnam Vets are NOT Fonda Jane!"
  • Comment #24 (Posted by Glen)
    How any American could do what she did is beyond me. How could Ted Turner marry her? Even though he came to his senses and paid her to leave...relatively speaking...alimony...
    I applaud you for not letting this die. I wonder if she will be buried in the United States and how long the line will be to #*@* on her grave...
  • Comment #25 (Posted by Gary S. Deskiewicz)
    Hanoi jane(she does not even rate a cap in her name!)
    Well jane found the Lord let Him forgive her, I will not let even an artical about her in my home, My EX wife never could figure out why?
    Well a wateringhole I go too "The Tail Hook" in Philly ahs a jane fonda target in the urinal!!! it gets used very much!!!!!
    My new Girl friend knows how I feel, and now she is MARINE all the way!!!
    Well Semper FI,
    Gary Deskiewica
  • Comment #26 (Posted by Frank Dias cpl)
    I served in Vietnam, Mag-16. I don,t understand why, we americans allow communist sympathisers to be free., while americans are being killed for freedom in time of War.. Dear Jane being Catholic and suffered alot because of you. I find it hard to forgive what you did to all of us Marines. May God forgive you and please don,t choke on your wealth because i want to see you live to old age has blind to the truth never knowing your impact of society..
    Semper Fi. Oh yes by brother and I served in Vietnam and are very proud Americans.. are you?
  • Comment #27 (Posted by Tom Couillard)
    Amen, from Golf 2/4, 1968-69, USMC.
  • Comment #28 (Posted by Robert Kunnaway Turner (Vietnam Vet))
    She did worst to us vets in Nam. She went public and asked us to lay down our arms and give-up to those little slant eyes.
  • Comment #29 (Posted by Bob Moody, Viet Nam Grunt)
    We left VietNam over 35 years ago. Jane Fonda didnt single handedly turn national opinions against the war, she was just a high profile sign of the times. We've got a whole new generation of young Americans fighting and dying in a new clime and place whose only memories of Viet Nam came out of a history book. We've established trade and normalized relations with the very government and same people we lost over 50,000 lives trying to defeat. Get over Viet Nam, we've got bigger fish to fry.
  • Comment #30 (Posted by Capt. Will Clifford USMC (Ret))
    While I appreciate the animosity shown to Jane Fonda, having served in VietNam Jun67-Aug68, it's time to move on. The ultimate judgement is not for us to impart; all we can really do is to live well and take care of our own the best way we can. Semper Fi.
  • Comment #31 (Posted by Mary Ann)
    Fabulous article! I have a feeling this is going to get around and that she may well get to read this ... if I have anything to say about it. When the Dignity Wall was here in Syracuse, the Veteran's had a touching tribute to Ms. Fonda; The Jane Fonda Memorial Urinal: Aim and remember. .... You all are right she deserves to be spit on and a lot worse! ... Just think of the day when she leaves this world and has to stand Judgement in Heaven - Someone needs to remind her that the Gates of Heaven are guarded by US Marines - like you all are going to let her in? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight!
  • Comment #32 (Posted by Dan Smith)
    MACS 4 Monkey Mountain
    Why? Why did you do it Jane? You my dear are a snake.
  • Comment #33 (Posted by Nancy Vigue)
    Mike....I thank you for enlighting me on the horrid events that Jane Fonda caused our servicemen and women..You have no idea how shocked i was to read what she did...I am a proud american and support all our military and to hear what she did just kills me...I am feeling so many different emotions right now that i can't express the true sadness i have for our military and what happened..I am a wife of a former marine and my heart aches every time i hear a story like this....Just know you are loved...SemperFi!
  • Comment #34 (Posted by Dave Steinbach)
    Suggested reading: The Siege of Dien Bien Phu, by Fall
  • Comment #35 (Posted by skip nichols)
    To blame Jane is to continue to let the past eat away at your future, Mike. We served honorably. Let it go. Focus on getting our brothers home from Iraq.
  • Comment #36 (Posted by Hal)
    Her actions must be kept out in the time goes by the American public forgets and loses interest. Your article keeps this atrocity of hers alive. Thank you for putting your thoughts out for all to see...Semper Fi
  • Comment #37 (Posted by Luis)
    I have to agree with you on the entire article, Mike. Three years after my second tour, I met and married a woman who could NOT understand my intense dislike{hatred} for Hanoi jane, that was one of my divorce reasons. Suffice to say, I hope I never see that miserable bitch, Hanoi jane, alive.
  • Comment #38 (Posted by Samuel Nyburg)
    The powerful truth is spoken! I learn more and more about Jane Fonda and what she is made of...nothingness, because to compare her to the scum in my toilet would degrade the germs lerking in it. She is a souless person who needs to be brought to justice! Thank you for your article and keep getting the word out.

    Marine Veteran
  • Comment #39 (Posted by Timothy J. Dinnigan)
    I'm not a Vietnam Vet, I was station at Long Beach Ca. in 1974,And still remember Jane's Friends out side the base with there signs,and seeing some Mariners Kick the shit out of them, WOW! now that was great!! I understand about letting things go, BUT not this, She should pay!!! If you or I did this We would have been shot, Right? We have a hole new war on our hands and if we get another Jane Fonda over there. Holding a knife to the throats of our brother and sisters in arms. Well I don't think I want to live in this Country any more! Mike carry on the fight. My youngest son just joined the Marines. I am so proud of him. I sure don't want any hair head spitting on my son. Well god help them if they spit on a Marine.
  • Comment #40 (Posted by Timothy J. Dinnigan)
    I also want to add, I think this Article is Excellent
  • Comment #41 (Posted by William Thompson, 'Nam Vet ... Task Force Delt)
    To all those who proclaim such tripe as "...Get over Viet's time to move on...To blame Jane is to continue to let the past eat away at your future..."
    You would have us repeat this history by not remembering it and keeping it fresh as she continues her ideological quest as she still does today? I proclaim Bullshit!!! God demands that I forgive ... he does not insist I forget. Were it not for Jane and her ilk ... we would not have lost half the men in winning our war.
  • Comment #42 (Posted by Rich Walker)
    God Bless you and your true thoughts. I guess being in a land of freedom we spawn these damn liberals who do not realize how well off they are. Semper Fi
  • Comment #43 (Posted by Tom King)
    Mike, Thanks for writing this article. It had to be said. I was in the Core 68 - 72, like my Brother, Father, Uncle's and Cousin's before me. Hanoi Jane should be tried as a war criminal, no if's and's but's or excuses. Semper Fi
  • Comment #44 (Posted by Ron)
    Don't worry she will get her due reward in the end! If we had a few more people like her and we would be speaking a language other than English!!We would never have gone to fight any wars.
  • Comment #45 (Posted by John Strumsky)
    Mike, you're right on! If ever there was a traitor who should have, at the very least, served a prison sentence, it was Jane Fonda. This self-avowed socialist, who praised communism, made a rambling speech on Hanoi radio on 18 July 1972 in support of the North Vietnamese cause. Returning to the United States she advised the media that all American prisoners of war were being treated well and that none were tortured. When POW's returning in 1973 spoke of their torture and inhumane treatment, she lashed out that they were "hypocrites and liars". Committed as she was to socialist and communist principles, no one has yet seen her parcel out her wealth to all those around her. How committed is she? I served in the Corps peacetime--from 1958 to 1962, but feel her kind helped to harm our country and our way of life. Semper Fi and keep up the good work.
  • Comment #46 (Posted by Jim O'Donnell)

    One more question----Why wasn't that devious traitor charged with treason?????

    Congrats on a great article!!!!

  • Comment #47 (Posted by january)
    Jane Fonda should have been tried for treason or deported to North Vietnam if she loved it so much. She is still a traitor to America as far as I am concerned.
  • Comment #48 (Posted by John C. Adams)
    it is too bad you were apprehended for acting on your convictions. Hanoi Jane was never apprehended for her acts of treason toward the United States of America in a time of war. Hmmm, I wonder which action was detrimental to hundreds of thousands? Was it exercising your right to freedom of speech? Was it Hanoi Janes aiding and abbeding the enemy? I understand after the incident you beat feet? That's cool, a normal reaction. As a former Marine I would have loved it if you had stood tall and took no sh from any rank forcing her security to show some colors of their own(yellow). You would of had the hypocritical female by the short shorts then. Semper Fi.
  • Comment #49 (Posted by S.R. Garcia)
    I'm just curious if this woman has ever apologized to all the Vietnam Vets. I was a young Marine in Hue City during the 68 Tet Offensive and remember hearing about her. Since than, I have always refused to see any of her movies.
  • Comment #50 (Posted by SGT. Miller, JD)
    I agree with those that feel that we have bigger fish to fry. I even understand the 'let it go' comments. However, those that put our lives on the line to give her a place to express her views freely must not. If we allow this to fade into the past, to forget, what happens the next time?

    Those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

    Well done, Marine!
  • Comment #51 (Posted by George Mellinger)
    Army Engineer, Chu Lai, '69-'70. APO 96325 SF180 made available when Kerry signs his.

    Thank you so much both for the article, and for your spit. I envy you your opportunity. It would be nice if every vet were to have the chance.
    Noone is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. Nothing is forgiven.
  • Comment #52 (Posted by Sniper 10)
    Outstanding!! If we don't let these people know what we THINK and FEEL they will continue to lead our country downward to Total Socialism or even Communism. SPEAK UP AMERICA!!

    Note for thought: The Muslim Faith grew 100% in the U.S. last year. What will we be in 10 yrs?
  • Comment #53 (Posted by smitty)
    No one should ever forget hanoi jane! She was and is a traitor to this country as many others are proving to be these days! Punch them, kick them, flog them and let them know we will not turn away from those that would welcome others to have our country This is America! Our place in the sun has been well earned since the beginning and we do not and should not allow un-american americans to determine our fate! If I thought I could get away with it I'd waste her worthless ass!
  • Comment #54 (Posted by kathryn)
    No matter what that women does in her life good or great in her eyes, she is going to die a traitor to our country! Not her country, OUR COUNTRY!
  • Comment #55 (Posted by Tad)
    Send it to her and put in the papers,let the airheads like Alex Balwin read it, oops, maybe he'll need someone to read to him.
  • Comment #56 (Posted by GunnerySgt. J. L. Bolton)
    Awesome letter. Too bad the bitch will never get to or refuse to read it. It wouldn't make any difference to her anyway. She is too far gone. Too bad she can't still be sent up for treason as well as Kerry. Another piece of dog squeez. SemperFi! Gunny Jack, USMC
  • Comment #57 (Posted by LTC McNamara ,USA Ret'd)
    Amen! I was in Vietnam 66-67, with MAC-V Aviation. The Communist Cnt should rot in Hell!
  • Comment #58 (Posted by joy wilkerson)
    Dear Mike, I'm the opposite side of the coin from Jane Fonda. I have been working for and with the Vietnam Veteran since 1962. I have been honored with the title "Civilian Vietnam Veteran" by the Vietnam Veterans. I copy your feelings towards Jane Fonda and feel that both she and John Kerry should be tried for Treason. By banning together the Vietnam Vets kept Kerry out of the White House. Now he should be kept out of the Senate and tried for Treason!!!
    Joy Wilkerson
  • Comment #59 (Posted by Darrell Butner)
    May she burn in HELL for whay she did. She is a tratior too her country. I met a doctor at a VA hospital in Iowa whoses father was a POW in Hanoi when she was there. He was beaten twice because he would not talk too her.
  • Comment #60 (Posted by REX WREN)
  • Comment #61 (Posted by Frank)
    Mike, thanks for the article. It sounds like a lot of out politician have taken lessons from Hanoi Jane. God Bless/Semper Fi!
  • Comment #62 (Posted by skip traufler)
    I for one, am glad I never met jane fonda. I may not be a free man today if I had.
  • Comment #63 (Posted by Paul Marquis)
    Why has she not been charged with treason for aid and comfort to the enemy? I can still picture her on that NVA AAA gun, smilling away and pretending to shoot it.

    Another question is why does people keep saying we lost the war? we signed a pease treaty and we pulled most all of our troops out of Nam by 1973, why did the NVA wait to attack South Vietnam after we practically all but left the country? The only Marines that were there at the time, were with the Embassey Marines. Maybe even better than charging her with Treason, she should be tared and feathered and tied to an NVA AAA gun and sent back to Nam.

    I am 100% P & T thanks to that bitch.
  • Comment #64 (Posted by Douglas Briglin)
    Simply Outstanding
    Semper Fi
  • Comment #65 (Posted by MIke)
    Perfect Words - Semper Fi!
  • Comment #66 (Posted by Steve Coleman)
    to all us hanoijane haters... just remember that she is, and I quote: "just a piece of grabassticanphibians--t who can't even find the damned toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Semper Fi to all the bros who served in The Nam and made it home to try to live out our lives in relative harmony irrespective of the commie bi--- who helped kill 58,000 of our bros...
  • Comment #67 (Posted by Ralph C Hughes)
    Hey Mike
    All you said was true of Jane Fonda,I was in Nam-68-69-70. Back then I really HATED HER, Now 35 yrs later JESUS came into my heart! Now I love everyone--Yes Even JANE FONDA.
    Yes What she did was wrong and she will have to anwser to GOD, Yes Mike we can forgive, but not forget.---------GOD bless------------------------
  • Comment #68 (Posted by Ray)
    I also hate jane fonda, i was in vietnam 1967 to 1969. She I Would also spit in her face and never watch anything she is in, I still feel as I am not home,when i came home to being spit on and treated like dirt. it still effects me today i feel out of place in a different country. and have to go to va. clinic for ptsd, no welcome home to us vets , just spit on and hard to find work because i was in vietnam.but i did what i had to like my Family members did in WW1- WW2- Korea- Vietnam- and The war now. and i am a proud Vietnam body needs Jane fonda.Still hurt from the war Forover 30 yrs comeing home
  • Comment #69 (Posted by WILLIAM BENNETT)
  • Comment #70 (Posted by Don)
    She is and was a prick
  • Comment #71 (Posted by BOB PATTERSON)
    Although I agree with your view on Jane Fonda's past, she has made a commitment, in her own words, of being a born-again Christian. I think it's time to let old dogs die, if she truly has turned another leaf for the better.
    As far as your commentary on John Kerry, you obviously don't remember the lies, by two presidents both Democrats and Republicans that started that escalation. Check your history. In the eyes of many veterans, John Kerry is a hero for fighting for his country and standing up against those who would subvert it! Although I did not vote for John Kerry because of his liberal views,I would not vote for George Bush & Co. for their lack of patriotism during the Vietnam era, they were draft Dodgers!!
    Bob Patterson, Corporal USMC, Vietnam veteran.
  • Comment #72 (Posted by Dale Luzzi)
    she should be tried for treason, and we need to do something to the ones taht are tresonist for the war we are in now. People should never be allowed to burn our flag!!!!!!!!
  • Comment #73 (Posted by Fmr Marine D.H.Ortiz)
    First of all, I don't think I have ever read such amazing words and true, what I consider to be statements about Hanoi Jane. Good job Mike. Keep up the good work. With you 100%. Some say we should forgive and forget her actions. Do they not say actions speak louder than words? Her actions certainly did, and unfortunately her words did too. It's a shame that further action against her was not taken simply because she comes from a hollywood family. From Money. The thought that the simple term "Celebrity" gives you so much power and freedom. To think if I made statements like that...I would be frowned upon, maybe even investigated for terrorist assosciation. To forget would be wrong. Do we forget other past wrongdoings? I dont think so. Did we forget what happened in Germany? Holocaust? Do we forget Pearl Harbor and Internment Camps? I dont think so. That would be wrong. So, she's christian now. Good for her. I hope she prays for forgiveness for all her wrong doings and the Veterans that died because of her. I pray that she one day comes face to face with those innocents that died for her freedom. I firmly believe that we all will one day be judged, I hope in her faith, she realizes that and recognizes the pain she caused so many people, and the luck she has for not being punished.

    Vietnam Vet 69-70
    Semper Fi
  • Comment #74 (Posted by Bob "MadDog" Pilcher)
    I flushed Jane Fondas Twin sister down the toilet years ago, of course it could have been in a cut off 55 gal Drum with Diesel fuel in 68 behind my hooch..Welcome Home Bro's SFC Nam 67-68 Rangers lead the way...
  • Comment #75 (Posted by michael a farley)
    i just want to thank all service men for thier efforts and sacrifices and that people like jane fonda and her supporters can go to hell and kiss the devils ass
  • Comment #76 (Posted by jim bless)
    I was crapping in my diaper when Hanoi jane was doing her crapping on the american soldiers. My Uncle was In the Nam for two tours, and he told me a lot of stuff that went on over there. Id like to see Fonda fed to some sharks, so she can begin to burn in hell.
    There is a big difference between being against something, and sleeping with the enemy.
  • Comment #77 (Posted by Britanne Marquis)
    I loved your letter to Jane Fonda!I agree that she should have been tried for treason against the United States I also feel that Berkley University should be shut down.What kind of education can anyone get from a college that could support that kind of terrorism. Although I'm only eighteen years old my parents have told me about how sevicemen like yourself were treated when they returned from Vietnam and I'm sorry that our heros were treated so poorly. I for one am greatful for your courage and service to our country. Thank you
  • Comment #78 (Posted by Marco)
    I have never understood why it's ok to kill a wartime traitor, so long as it's not a Hollweird celebrity, who also happens to be female. Of all despicable people who ever lived, Hanoi Jane is near the top of the list. Even at this late date I would still like to see her imprisoned for the rest of her worthless life, preferably in Hanoi. It galls me to see her living her carefree, unchallenged, rich existence while so many vets are still suffering the wounds she helped create. A country comprised only of people like her would not be worth fighting for, thank God there's only one of her. Oh, I am also a Vietnam-era army vet.
  • Comment #79 (Posted by Sweet)
    That is awesome! I salute you, good sir. I would have loved to have seen that. She deserves so much more. I can just imagine how humiliated that filthy skank was as the tobacco juice oozed all over that stupid face of hers. Thank God that there are still some Americans left with a pair of testes. Take that Hanoi Jane, you filthy treasonous whore. Just so you know, Jane Fonda; if I ever see you out somewhere you better have your umbrella, cause a big ol heaping helping of some Beechnut will definitely find it's way to that vapid face of yours. This should be a new trend. Spit on her when you see her.
  • Comment #80 (Posted by Dwayne)
    As an Iraq veteran, I am too young to know exactly what all she did. But with 4 veteran uncles and a veteran father-in-law I have heard enough stories to know she was no bueno. How you found it in your heart to only spit on the whore for communism is a miracle. You let her off easy. Semper Fi.
  • Comment #81 (Posted by Ed Bodnar)
    Hanoi Jane - the treasonous traitor!

    I agree witht he last post, everyone who sees you should SPIT in your face! You deserve worse, but we are not like those animals you loved and supported in the North. Maybe that is what you like, rape, murder, torture, maybe you were into that back then. Be a woman and own up to it then?

    You are a worthless lump of sludge and if our paths ever cross paths you can bet you will receive another dousing.

    Mike Smith - you were already a hero, and this demonstrated your heroism. Semper Fi, buddy!

    Persian Gulf Vet that will hate Hanoi jane til' I die!
  • Comment #82 (Posted by Doc Gene)
    Stay the course, Mike. She's lucky you didn't defecate on her.
  • Comment #83 (Posted by keith)
    Great article . jane fonda is a low life piece of garbage who dosent deserve to even have the spit of a vet on here . How anyone can sellout there country like she did and still live here and have fans here is beyond me . She needs to move her sorry ass to some communest country that she loves so much .Mayby they'll rape and kill her .
  • Comment #84 (Posted by Verlin Varney)
    Thanks Mike for standing up for our Vietnam Veterns. I think Jane Fanda should be forced to live in a cage like our P.O.W. did and then put in front of a firing squad. I was a Army Sgt. and trained some of our men that went to Vietnam. I'm very proud of our men, but I hate Jane Fanda as much today as I did back then.
  • Comment #85 (Posted by an unknown user)
    BRAVO!!!! Well done, Mike!!!!
  • Comment #86 (Posted by Flu-Bird)
    I havnt watched a HANOI JANE movie since CHINA SYNDROME she is a traitor who dilberatly went over to the side of the vietcong and sat on a antiaircraft gun and her movies are a big waste of time especialy that peice of crap she made with robert REDford THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN
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