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MCX Launches New eGift Cards Just in Time for the Holidays

MCX Launches New eGift Cards Just in Time for the Holidays

November 8, 2013 5:27 pm by: Leave a comment A+ / A-

The Marine Corps Exchange has launched their new eGift Card service that allows you to purchase and instantly send a gift card to anyone who is an authorized exchange patron.  This new option is a great way for families and friends who do not have exchange privileges to send a gift or help pay for a special purchase or event.  Need a gift for a Baby Shower, Wedding, Birthday, Graduation?  We’ve got you covered in an instant without even leaving the house!

The new eGift Cards can be purchased online at the website and once purchased can be scheduled for delivery on a specific date or instantly sent to the recipient via email and/or text message. To redeem the eGift Card, the recipient simply presents the mobile or printed gift card to the cashier and checks out normally.

According to Cindy Whitman Lacy, Chief Operating Officer, Business Operations for MCX, “The MCX eGift Cards can be redeemed in many activities including Sister Service exchanges and activities such as  Auto Skills Centers, Bowling Alleys, Golf Courses, Fitness Centers, Information Tickets & Tours Offices, Marinas, Pools, Recreation Centers, Theaters, Child Development Centers, and Youth and Teen Centers.”

Whitman Lacy added “This is a great way for friends and family to send a gift or to help cover the cost of a purchase for their Marine.”  Some of the possibilities for using the eGift Card include covering the cost of purchases at recruit training, paying for non-issued uniform items such as dress blue uniforms, and paying for recreation activities or child care fees.

The new eGift Cards are purchased by going to the website or Facebook page and clicking the link for eGift Cards. Cards can be purchased in amounts between $10 and $250.  Purchasers may choose from various gift card designs and can add a personal image to the eGift Card. Once the card has been purchased the buyer can also check online to make sure the recipient has received and opened the eGift Card. Recipients may conveniently check the remaining balance of their cards online at

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