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  • Females to Train at All-Male San Diego Boot Camp

    For the first time ever, the Marine Corps is about to send dozens of women to its all-male West Coast boot camp as the service prepares to meet a congressional mandate to make its entry-level training coed.

    About 60 female recruits will begin training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego in February, multiple officials told The plan is part of a test run as the Marine Corps experiments with ways to end its long-held tradition of separating enlisted recruits by gender when they arrive at boot camp.
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    1. Zulu 36's Avatar
      Zulu 36 -
      Why? If PI were overloaded with females I could see the possibility, but it isn't overloaded.

    1. Marine1955's Avatar
      Marine1955 -
      It's totally stupid Men and women in the same squad bay and showers is calling for trouble.. The first time a WM comes up pregnant or they catch them in bed together that will stop this **** fast..
      It just STUPID!!!

    1. Trucrimsongold's Avatar
      Trucrimsongold -
      HUGE HUGE HUGE MISTAKE. CO-ED the freaking boot camp in the Corps???
      As they start weeding out the non-hackers in bootcamp there will be a line of civil lawsuits againsts MALE DRILL INSTRUCTORS lining up to sue the MARINE CORPS for fake sexual harassment claims you watch. Regular MOS training is completely fine but not freaking boot camp. No way. You are opening up the MARINE CORPS to civil liability. No way if I was a Male Drill Instructor would I risk my career and my freedom to stress out and thrash a bunch of female recruits.

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