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  • Marine Corps Bans Confederate Flag

    Quantico, VA

    On June 6, the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, General David Berger banned the Confederate flag from public displays across all Marine Corps installations.

    The Corps released the statement along with the MARADMIN 331/20 that provides specific guidance for Marines and the ban of the flag.

    To read more about the ban, you can view the MARADMIN here:
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    1. Marine1955's Avatar
      Marine1955 -
      I think the general has lost his mind..

    1. irpat54's Avatar
      irpat54 -
      I think he's a closet leftist. He should resign... he's a disgrace to the Oath he took...

    1. advanced's Avatar
      advanced -
      I've lost quite a bit of respect for these Marine generals over these past few years. They're all acting like bama girls, maybe they're part of the down low movement.

    1. Hugofirst1994's Avatar
      Hugofirst1994 -
      Quote Originally Posted by advanced View Post
      I've lost quite a bit of respect for these Marine generals over these past few years. They're all acting like bama girls, maybe they're part of the down low movement.
      ME neitheer

    1. SGTGoody's Avatar
      SGTGoody -
      So, all you old jarheads prove this point:

      “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”
      ― Max Planck, Scientific Autobiography and Other Papers

    1. advanced's Avatar
      advanced -
      In my family that would require 3 generations dying off. Though the Florida flag is not a copy of the Southern Battle Flag, it still bears the St. Andrews Cross. The Southern Battle Flag also features the St. Andrews Cross, the patron saint of Scotland (The Flag of Scotland). Those southern ranks were full of us Ulster Scots, who don't back down for anything. Just saying.

    1. Mongoose's Avatar
      Mongoose -
      Russ, my Great Grand Father fought for the South in the Civil War, at age 19. He was wounded twice. After the War he became an Indian Fighter and was wounded 7 times. Later he became one of the first Texas Rangers, where at that time in History, Frontier Justice was the norm. So, killing enemies runs in our family, as my Ancestors have fought in every damn war America has been involved in. We don't know what surrender even means.......just saying.

    1. advanced's Avatar
      advanced -
      Ain't that the truth brother. The south has always bred very dangerous men with deep beliefs and the willingness to stand up against the odds. When I was a cop in the projects I remember saying many times that I'd rather police the blacks than our southern rednecks. I saw that the blacks back in the day knew that we'd kill them, our rednecks just wanted to fight. Getting their assses beat by us seemed to be some kind of a badge of honor.

    1. EPoe's Avatar
      EPoe -
      I like to think of myself as a Missouran Union boy, but I have plenty of friends that would sooner be Confederate boys if we were back in the day. Fact of the matter is, the Confederate flag isn't a symbol of hate, it's a cultural one, same as the swastika(and I'm Jewish!) was originally a symbol of peace. It's people that make it out to be a hateful symbol, or only associate them with that bad things that have happened. It's stupid.

    1. USMC 2571's Avatar
      USMC 2571 -

    1. Hammer's Avatar
      Hammer -
      EPoe; Great post and posted with wisdom and understanding!

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