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    At age 62, former Marine George Hood defied the odds and broke the planking world record. George’s time of 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. Breaking the previous record of 8 hours and 1 minute. Then, in typical Marine fashion, George finished his planking performance with 75 pushups. I am sure one of those were for Chesty!

    George’s training began almost 18 months previous to his attempt. He allocated 7 hours per day to train and prepare. Which included 4-5 hours of actual planking time. It also included 700 pushups, 2,000 crunches, 500 leg squats, 500 band curls, and about 500 toe squats per day.

    Hood was commissioned as a Marine Corps officer and was on active duty for four years. After being discharged from the Marine Corps, he was hired as a special agent with the NCIS (Naval Crime Investigative Service). Later he joined the DEA and retired in 2008.
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